Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our week in Review

No picture moments this week, or if there was I did not have my camera to capture the moment. So here is what we were up to this week:
ANDREW: first soccer practice and game of new season. He was so excited because his team is undefeated and he loves to win. He did win his game on Saturday and he was pretty excited. He finished his report on President Ford and did a good job. Played with his cousins and of course asked everyday to play his DS.

JOSHY: Finally started soccer. He was so excited to be able to play soccer on his own team. Had his first practice on Friday and it was a bit chilly so he didn't want to do much because he was cold, can't say that  I blame him. He also got to play at a friends house and had so much fun. Anytime playing is involved Joshy is your guy.

ALEX: What can I say about this kid. He tests me daily and some days I am not sure if we are going to make it through our day. He is strong willed to say the least and WOW he likes things his way or no way. Let me give you a little snippet of what I endure on a daily basis with this one. Friday, Josh and Alex had to come with me to BYU for a field trip  with my school. It was at the BYU Planetarium but we parked over by the museum of art. So it was a little walk and we were running a little late. We were walking very fast and he quickly got tired and so I picked him up. Well he did not like the way I was carrying him (on my hip like usual), so he was crying and carrying on. I put him down and he cried harder. I told him I would carry him if he stopped crying, not going to happen. So we walked across campus with him crying and carrying on the whole way. I received quite a few looks from the college students, but he cried if I held him or if he walked. AAAGGHHH! I was a little frustrated to say the least by the time we reached the Planetarium. He didn't stop there, he cried, if he didn't get to touch something or see something that Joshy was looking at. So we staying for 20 minutes and checked students in and then left ( I was not even going to attempt sitting through the 50 minute presentation with him), and he whined the whole way back to the car.
That is just one of my many encounters with my Alex this week. It is an endless journey but there were a few highlights with him that showed his sweeter side. Yesterday, the boys were all outside playing and all of a sudden  Alex walks up to me turns my head and gives me a KISS! Then just like that he walked away and said"bye, I am going to work." So sweet. And last night at the Flash game when he wasn't throwing a fit he was sitting on my lap and letting me rub his back and head and just cuddling with me. 

ERIC:Church, Work and Church. Oh he did get to go to one Flash Game with us this week. And he made it through his last Saturday of work!!! YEah! He will now be home with us on the weekends

JULIE: went to the doctors to find out about surgery on my knee, had an MRI to find out more, did Cents of Style party, went to RS birthday dinner, went to Dr  to get tested for strep again, went to different shoe party at friends house, watched Mark and Cheri's kids so they could celebrate their anniversary. Took 7 kids under 8 to soccer practice, and soccer game. Went to dinner with brother and his family(free Five Guys cause they were training. YUMMY!) and then to a Flash game. Okay, I think that about covers it. So I must apologize to my boys (Eric included) if I was a little inpatient with them, I did not feel the greatest this week and we had a lot going on. I do love them and I will try to be more patient and understanding this week.
So, if you made it through this whole post, welcome to our life. Crazy and hectic but worth it in the end.

Friday, March 20, 2009

This week...

This week have spent most of our time OUTSIDE! The weather has been beautiful and the boys have loved riding their bikes outside. I have had to force Andrew to go outside but we are enjoying the weather. We had 3 Flash basketball games this week and the boys as always have a good time there.  The best part of the whole week was today when Eric sent me a text saying.... he got a new SHIFT. He is going to start a Monday to Friday shift on April 1st. No more Saturdays and no more getting home so late! I am so excited! We have waited so long for this. The best was telling Andrew that his prayers were being answered and Daddy was going to get a better shift. Andrew jumped up in the air and was like "YES! YES!YES" He loves his dad. So we are definitely looking forward to having Eric around more. Prayers are answered and we are so thankful for that knowledge.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Zoo Day

Eric had another Saturday off yesterday (I could get really used to this) so after I made(persuaded or as Eric would say tricked or deceived by only saying "some" cleaning) them all help me clean the house we decided to take a trip to the Zoo. It was a beautiful day. I think the boys had fun.Andrew was a little grumpy at first and Alex only wanted to eat or else he was not happy. Josh of course was happy and excited to be there and see all the animals. We had a good time seeing all the animals and playing at the Discovery Land. I think playing was their favorite part of the day. Here are some pics of the animals we saw and even some that Eric and I ended up bringing home with us!!

From 2009-03-15 Mar 09

Do we look happy or what?

From 2009-03-15 Mar 09

Am I as big as an ape?

From 2009-03-15 Mar 09

My favorite animal!

From 2009-03-15 Mar 09

Andrew the turtle

From 2009-03-15 Mar 09

I am the spider, but the sun is kinda bright mom.

From 2009-03-15 Mar 09

Doesn't he look so thrilled?

From 2009-03-15 Mar 09

Cute scrunched up face! He is always doing this or putting a hand over his eye when it is sunny. My sweet sensitive boy!To the sun that is:)

From 2009-03-15 Mar 09


From 2009-03-15 Mar 09

The wild prairie dogs I brought home!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


So it has been a few weeks since I last posted. Not a whole lot going on. we had our family birthday party for Joshy and he had so much fun. We had a pinata and lots of good candy. Joshy loved all his presents and was so happy. Nothing else big in our lives since then. We are just maintaining and doing what needs to be done. Here is a little update on the boys.
Andrew: Just finished basketball skills and really enjoyed it. He is so into sports and he so he had a great time. He is getting good at making baskets too. His dad also got him a Cardinals jersey and he absolutely 100% loves it!!! He got his report card from school and he got almost all 4's(highest you can get).We are proud of him for working so hard in school. Of course he thinks he deserves something now for his grades. I told him to talk to dad.

Joshy: Loves being 5. We signed him up to play Spring soccer and he is so excited. He loves that the weather has been a little nicer so that he can go outside and ride his bike. He looks forward to preschool everyday and is amazing me with all that he is learning.

Alex: What can I say about this kid. He is so imaginative. I love to go in his room to get him each morning because you never know what he is going to be playing. Yesterday I came downstairs and there was a shoe on the table, when I asked why he said that it was his M&M and that his dancers gave it to him. At the store today he wanted to put his little flash fox in the shopping cart so he could push it (little flash fox is imaginary). He always has something to say and I mean always.

Eric and Julie: Not a whole lot here. We got to spend an evening with my friends from elementary school last week and it was so much fun. We had a blast talking about "back in the day". The boys had to go into the other room and talk about whatever they do because we were too loud and having to much fun. Eric stays busy with work and Church and I keep things going at home.
I will try and get my camera out and post some pictures later.