Thursday, February 19, 2009

Joshy Turns 5

Yesterday, Joshy had his 5th birthday. When I went to get him in the morning he was laying on his bed with his hands behind his head and asked,"mom am I bigger?" He kept thinking and saying that when he turned 5 he would be bigger. He wanted to check his hands and see if they were bigger. So cute. We had a little family party for him in the morning before Andrew went to school so that Eric could be there. So we had presents and cake done by 8:30 am. Crazy I know but we wanted to share it with the whole family. We will have our family come over on Sunday for another party. He loved all his presents and has been so happy playing with them.
Joshy is such a sweet boy. He always has a smile on his face and always want to please. He loves attention and will do almost anything to get it. I love his big brown eyes and long lashes when he looks up at you and just smiles or comes up and says "mommy you look pretty today!" He is the best. Josh came to our family when he was 2. We were so excited when we heard we were going to be getting 2 boys. What joy he has brought to our lives. It was not easy at first, because he was 2 and he was not used to routine but he grabbed onto that and now craves a routine.
I love you Joshy and your sweet spirit. We are so lucky that you are in our family, you bless our lives and we love you!! Always keep your smile and sweetness!
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Joshy now! Look at those eyes!
From Jan 07

Joshy at 4
From Josh's 3rd

Joshy at 3. He still has that same excitement!
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The day we finalized the adoption in court
From Thanksgiving 06

Friday, February 13, 2009


Sweet Alex is so funny. His latest thing to do is pretend he is the Flash Fox from the Utah Flash. He puts on the orange glasses and becomes either the big Flash Fox or the little Flash Fox. He will then pull the pretend silly string can out of his shirt and spray you just like the Fox does at the games. It is so cute. He also loves the Flash Dancers and calls them "his dancers" He carries around the program from the games with it opened to the dancers and will ask, "do you want to see my dancers?" He will then show you which one 'holded" him when he went out to dance. A 3 year old in love with pretty girls already.
Today, Alex and I also got to go to a Valentines skating party for my work. He was so excited because it was his party and he got to give out valentines like his brothers. The pictures say it all. He loves his candy and I think it is all gone already.
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"SSSSSSSHHHHHHH, I spray you! I am the Flash Fox"

From 2009-02-13 alex feb 09

You could ride scooters instead of skate here. It is great!

From 2009-02-13 alex feb 09

AAAHHHH, Candy!!!

From 2009-02-13 alex feb 09

Andrew was such a huge help the other day with Chase. He loved holding him and kept saying how Chase liked him and wanted him to hold him. So sweet.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Look at those moves!

The boys decided that they wanted to dance. We bought Madagascar 2 and they of course had to watch it several times this weekend. Andrew always likes to look at the extra stuff on the DVD. Well he found all the music videos and was listening to them over and over. So then they decided to dance and bust some moves. It was funny. Of course once they know the video is recording them they get a little goofy. But it was cute to watch them all dance. Alex was rolling his shoulders slowly getting into the groove. Andrew was the breakdancer and Josh was just well doing a little of everything. Click to watch the video.
From 2009-02-09 January 09

Bowling with Dad

Eric had another Saturday off. I could get used to this. 2 Saturdays in a row. So we decided to do something with the boys. We took them to Brick Oven for lunch and Joshy got his free birthday meal. He was so happy. Then Eric wanted to go over to the BYU Bookstore. We looked around and then we decided to take the boys bowling. We had a good time. Andrew was quite upset in the end though because he was beat by his brothers. although, we tried to tell him that he was bowling without the help of the little stand so that is a lot harder. He didn't buy it and was not happy. You can't always win! It is so hard to teach your kids that though.

From 2009-02-09 January 09

Alex carrying the big ball. He had to do it all by himself! Are you surprised?

From 2009-02-09 January 09

Boys hanging out waiting for their turn.

From 2009-02-09 January 09

Look at that form! Of course the ball would go flying at full speed. He got 3 strikes in a row! Pure luck, I tell you.

From 2009-02-09 January 09

I know it looks like my hand is broken or deformed but I promise it is not. Such form!

From 2009-02-09 January 09

Andrew bowling like a big kid. Way to Go!

Field Trip

Last Thursday Joshy had a field trip to the Living Planet Aguarium. Alex and I decided to tag along. The kids had a lot of fun. All Joshy could talk about before we went were the sting rays and how you got to touch them. However, when it came time to touch no one wanted to put their hands in the water to touch them. the adults kept showing them how and they did not want to. It was funny. All in all it was a fun day, Alex only had one meltdown, but Joshy had a great time.
From 2009-02-09 January 09

Joshy's little group for the day

From 2009-02-09 January 09

He would touch the starfish. Look at those big brown puppy dog eyes!

From 2009-02-09 January 09

The highlight of the day, seeing the sharks! Yes that is a shark in the darkness.

100th Day of School

Joshy had his 100th day of school for preschool and he had to put 100 items on the number 100. I had him count out 10 groups of 10 (teacher moment). Then he was gluing and putting the M&M's on. Andrew wanted to help and so I let him take over, he was very kind and helpful. I love it when they all get along
From 2009-02-09 January 09

From 2009-02-09 January 09

He was so proud of himself!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Steelers or Cardinals?

There is a rivalry going on in our house this week. Andrew is a Arizona Cardinals fan and Eric is a true blue Steelers fan. It has been a pretty funny week listening to the 2 of them go at it. They are trash talkin and having a good time.  Eric loves the fact that his son is so in to sports. Andrew wrote Eric a note last night about the Cardinals winning and drew a picture of the Steelers logo but said he had to cross it out. It was cute. Eric got out his Pittsburgh jersey and hung it right where Andrew would see. Of course the jersey was a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey but it was the right color and said Pittsburgh. Boys!!!  I of course am torn, whose side do I choose? Or do I really care?  I am thinking that I don't really care but it is fun to watch Eric and Andrew go at it. We are going to my brothers house to watch it and he is going for the Cardinals so Andrew is happy about that.