Monday, October 27, 2008

Barnyard BOO!

I have not posted in so long, so scroll down because I have a lot of new posts that I just added today for the month of October. I have been a slacker and was called on it by my sister in law. I always love to look at everyone elses blog and so I have no excuse for not updating mine other then, I have been slacking. Life gets in the way and so I am repenting and I am going to be better. So scroll through and check out the happenings in our house for the last month.

This last weekend my mom and sister flew in to go to Witches Night Out at Gardner Village. My mom and I went last year for the first time with my sister in laws Courtney and Erin. We had a great time,so my mom decided to make it a yearly tradition and brought my sister with her. Of course I did not have my camera so you will have to check out my sister in laws Courtney and Erin's blogs. It was a great time. We went to dinner and then to Gardner Village to shop and see all the witches. And yes we were dressed as witches ourselves. I got the craziest looks from people at dinner but we had fun. Great memories made with all my sisters. Thanks for the fun time.

While my mom and sister were here we all got together on Saturday to take the kids out. We were going to go to Boo at the Zoo but when we got there and saw the mass amount of people we changed our minds. So we met up at Cafe Rio and ate some lunch while the kids played. Then we decided to go to Thanksgiving Point and try out Farm Country. The kids had a great time and were good sports about changing from the Zoo to the farm. We had a lot of fun and here are just a few pictures.

This picture is for documenting purposes only. My mom loves Batman and I found this costume for $10 and thought maybe Andrew would wear it. He wanted no part of it. my mom even tried to bribe him and he told her not even for a million bucks would he wear it. The little stinker. So my mom tried it on. Looks good mom!

Joshy of course tried it on for Grammie. Anything for his Grammie. You are our hero Joshy!

They had face painting at Farm Country. Don't these look great?

Andrew the goat whisperer!

Dig for them bones!

Should we let them out or keep them there?

Playtime with Daddy

Eric has a new shift and has been working a lot of overtime so the boys and I don't see him very much. It has been and still is an adjustment. Just when I think I am am getting used to it, something happens and I realize I am not adjusting as well as I should. Anyways, the boys were playing with the couch cushions when Eric got home and so he joined in. It was a priceless moment as I watched the boys just eat up having daddy home and playing with them. I don't think I realized or Eric even realized how much they have missed this until this night. Just look at the joy on their faces. Boys need their daddies so much. We are hoping and praying that this shift does not last much longer so the boys can have daddy home more.

Pumpkin Patch

Over UEA break the boys and I went home to California to visit Grammie and Poppa. The boys always have such a great time playing outside and riding bikes. It is fun to just let them play outside all day. On Saturday, though we decided to go do something. So we headed to the Pumpkin patch. The boys had a good time picking out their pumpkin. Alex wanted a big one but Andrew and Josh of course wanted an even bigger one. It was quite the ordeal to find the right pumpkin.
After we picked out our pumpkins the boys wanted to check out the rides. They each got to go on a few and had so much fun. Alex went in the Spiderman obstacle course and rode a tractor. Alex and Josh went in a bounce house and then did the trampoline. They had so much fun. Thanks Grammie and Poppa for making it all possible. We love you!

I can do it myself! Common phrase heard from Alex on a daily basis.

"Look mom I have a flat head."

I love this face. He is so happy and having so much fun

There is a reason 3 year olds don't have a license!

I think I like this

First big bounce not so sure but he loved it!

Conference Weekend

Eric decided he wanted to make cookies with the boys between sessions on Sunday. So I made the cookie dough and he helped the boys. The boys love to make cookies but it is so much wokr to let them help. I need to be better at letting them have fun making cookies. Eric and the boys had a good time and that is what matters. I need to not sweat the small stuff.


So now that Alex is potty trained he loves to go to the bathroom in every store or even our backyard. His cousin Bryce taught him this one. Thanks Bryce, we love you. This is for his future wife!

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Saturday, October 11, 2008


So I was tagged by my sister in law last week and have been thinking all week what 6 things I could say about myself. When I stop and think about it, I think I am pretty boring but here goes:
1. I love being with and around family. I love spending time with Eric and our boys and our extended family.
2. I am a Days of Our Lives fan. I know it is so old and nothing ever happens but I must admit, I record it everyday and watch it. It drives Eric crazy but what can  I say.
3. I wear several hats in my family, I work from home for the school district and I also am a stylist for Cents of Style, a company my sister in law started. It is lots of fun.
4. Eric and I love to watch and spend all of our time lately watching reruns of NCIS and Las Vegas. In between all of our other shows that we are recording. I am trying to watch previous seasons of The Office so I can catch up with all the hype.
5. I am a scardy cat. I am afraid of most things. I don't like the dark or being home by myself. My imagination gets the best of me and I freak out. I have always been and probably always will be afraid  of lots of things.
6. Dr. Pepper and Chocolate are the way to my heart. I have tried and tried to stop drinking DP but just can't give it up. It is my saving grace during the day.

So there you go, my not so interesting life, but it is my life nonetheless and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I now tag Tiff, Nikki, Sarah and all my other friends that have yet to be tagged by me.