Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beach, Disneyland, Family

I know I am a few weeks late but here it is. We went on our first family vacation and had so much fun together. We decided to take the boys to Disneyland and the beach. We spent the first few days with my family and the boys had fun as always riding the big wheels and taking the dogs for walks. Of course there is always the mandatory trip to Target. Then we headed down to the hotel. We stopped at Newport Beach and let the boys play. Andrew had fun jumping in the waves with Eric. Joshy loved running away from the water. Alex stayed clear of the water. I just took pictures and ventured in once. As I looked through the pictures some are so priceless as I look at the joy on the boys faces. They loved it and loved to have Eric there playing with them.

We then spent 1 day at Disneyland and one at California Adventure. The boys hada great time. We went on the Mattahorn first and I turned around to check on Josh and I have never seen his eyes so big. He looked so scared. I thought uh oh. But we get off the ride and he says, "That was so awesome" He loves rollercoasters. Alex was attached to Eric and wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. Which is fine except when he throws a fit because he has to stay with me while Eric goes on a ride. My sweet lovable 3 year old.
Andrew's Favorite ride: Space Mountain. He also was picked to become a Jedi. He fought Darth Mal and was excited.
Joshy's Favorite ride: Space Mountain, Mattahorn and becoming a Jedi. He fought Darth Mal and Darth Vadar.
Alex: Not sure but he did like Dumbo and the Carousel.

We also hit up California Adventure. This was the first time for all of us. My mom and dad joined us and we had a great time. I don't know what it is about theme parks but I always have to have a pretzel, ice cream, churros, etc. FOOD!FOOD!FOOD!. I even ventured on California Screaming. I was so scared and of course Eric loved every single minute of it. My mom even went on the ride. She can't remember the last time she went on a roller coaster. Eric got some great pictures.
Andrew LOVED the Rapid Ride. It was cold and rainy and Eric and I did not want to get wet so he went by himself twice.
Josh loved: All the rides that he could go on. The faster the better. He wanted to go on California Screaming even. I am glad he was not tall enough.
Alex loved the rocket ride.

We then drove to Arizona to cvisit with Eric's Family. We hada great time all in all and it was so worth it to build those memories with the boys. I can't wait till next vacation