Monday, June 23, 2008

Last Monday for FHE we decided to go up to the American Fork canyon with our cousins. The kids had a great time cooking hotdogs, roasting marshmallows and just playing. It was a fun night!

Look at me mom!

Our little sloth!

Where there is food there is our little snackshack

I am king of the rock!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Arizona here we come!
We went to Arizona for a few days and had so much fun. The boys loved being with their cousins and swimming everyday. Eric of course was in heaven being able to scuba dive, hang out at the dive shop and see old friends. We had fun! It was good for me to be able to get back in the water and dive since my last experience was not so good. This time, I even took my regulator out of my mouth and shared air with Eric. That is a huge step for me. Eric was able to finish up all his tests so now he is an official Divemaster. Of course, the drive is always so long and Alex has a hard time in the car. Our favorite part of the drive, was on the way down. Alex has to talk to you every few minutes just to say your name. Well, he decides to talk to dad and the conversation goes something like this, "Dad, Daddy, Dad", "what Alex?", "Dad, I talking to you", "Okay what Alex?", "Dad, Daddy, I talking to you.", "Yes, Alex, what is it?" "Dad, I TALKING TO YOU" It was quite funny to listen to it. Of course we also got a kick out of Alex singing, "joshy wa, joshy wa, joshy wa" for about 5 minutes. The joys of being 2.

Alex never got in the water but had to have his goggles

Don't ask how many times Eric had to jump before I got the perfect shot!

Look how happy he is!

Tah dah!! Look at me, I am so big!

He may be dirty but he is happy!

Love that smile!

Yummy Ice Cream

Too big to pick up and eat, I guess.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our boy got baptized. We are so proud of him!

Who is more excited Eric or Andrew?

Can you find Scott? Look for the head behind Cheri. All of our family and friends who came to support Andrew

Isn't he handsome?

Best Buds

Pure Joy

Best friends. At least for today.

Family Ultimate Frisbee. pretty funny

Joshy loves his Grammie