Friday, April 25, 2008

Well Spring Break started out with nice weather and ended with it but the middle left a little to be desired. Snow, rain, more snow. Enough already!! I think Andrew had fun. Now it is back to the grind of daily life, workout, school, preschool and of course my favorite NAP TIME!!

First day of Spring Break was actually a very warm day

Andrew actually playing in the sprinklers. The other boys wouldn't go for it.

Alex would only run around when the sprinklers were not on

What a cute boy!

Joshy thinking about getting in the pool

Alex's version of swimming.

Andrew was done with me taking pictures

Couldn't resist adding this one. he was trying to get them on

Alex finally got wet, now he loves to take a shower.

Playing some ball!

Feeding the Goats at Thanksgiving Point

Joshy so excited to ride the pony

Monday, April 14, 2008

The weather is finally nice around here and the boys have been enjoying going outside. Our backyard is perfect for sledding and riding bikes down. Thanks to dad who taught them to ride the bikes down the hill and into the fence. It is a favorite past time for all.
We went to the final 3 games of the Utah Flash and Andrew was able to be in the slam dunk contest. That was the highlight of his week. Thanks Joe for letting him be a part of it. The boys have loved going to the games. Andrew is so into basketball now just ask him the scores and ranks of the Flash or the Jazz and he will tell you. Eric loves it!
Spring break is this week so we are trying to come up with activities to keep them all happy and to keep me from going crazy! Today we are going shopping!!! My favorite past time and the boys are going to go play with cousins.

All the cousins hanging out at the Flash game. Don't they look like they are having fun?

Andrew going for a ride with Alex in our backyard!

Sledding with no snow. It still works when you have a hill in your backyard.

Riding the dump truck!

Me too!!!!!!!

I am big too! I can do everything my brothers can do..

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Andrew got a WII for his birthday and we love playing it. Eric is helping Alex and Aidan play or rather he is playing and they are watching

Eric helping Andrew make his picks for the NCAA Mens B-Ball tournament. Andrew has really gotten into Basketball since we have started going to the Utah Flash Games. They are a D-League basketball team that my brother Joe is president of.
Well, I started this blog on Feb. 24th but it has taken me until April 2nd to actually figure out how to get pictures on here. Big thanks to my brother in law Mark for helping me figure it all out. We love being up in Utah and have enjoyed being close to lots of family.
We just spent the weekend with all of Eric's family and we had a house full. We set up the tent in the basement and all the cousins had a great time camping out. Eric's family came out for the blessing of Tyler (Mark and Cheri's) and Kaylee (Kristi and Clayton's) babies. They are both adorable and I for one love being close to these two babies. I try to get in as much baby time as I can.
Eric is working for Wells Fargo and is enjoying it. I am working from home and love it! Andrew is in 2nd grade and is doing awesome and making great friends. Josh goes to preschool twice a week and asks me everyday if today is preschool day. Alex is getting bigger everyday and keeps us on our toes. He is talking more and more and it is fun to hear him try to put sentences together. He is so sweet and loves it when the babies come over. He imitates whatever I say to them and loves to play with their toes.

Alex helping feed little Tyler

Andrew holding Kaylee before he goes to school. We get to babysit her once a week and the boys love it!

Me and my handsome boys on Easter Morning.
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Andrew catching some air! He has loved being able to sled this year. A new experience for all of us. it has been fun watching him try new things. he will even stand up and surf (as he calls it) down our hill in the backyard.

Josh was not to sure about sledding at first but look at the pure joy on his face! He loves it and will go for hours up and down the hill.

Even Eric got in on the action and he had a great time.

Alex was not so sure about sledding. It was to cold for him.

I even got in on the action and convinced Alex to go with me. I actually look like I am enjoying it here. I am not screaming in fear for my life.