Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Big Marathon

Ok so by many standards this was just a little nothing of a marathon, maybe it can't even be considered one. But for me it was huge. 3K a whole 1.8 miles. This from the girl who just had knee surgery 5 months ago and was told no high impact sports. Running I think is considered high impact and my knee has definitely been complaining everyday since. I was roped into this by my sister in laws and brothers. They know I just can't say no. Peer pressure it gets to me every time and here I am 34 years old.
Anyway, I started running 2 weeks before the big day and about died. It was pathetic.
The day of the race came and we set out. Courtney, who had not trained at all left us in her dust. I was dying but was determined to not walk ran the whole way. Ok maybe I walked for about 30 seconds. I ran the 1.8 in 20.11.
Courtney and Erin placed 2nd and 3rd in their age bracket. John placed 1st in his(he hadn't trained at all either,punk). They got medals. I took 5th in my age bracket, to many of us old ladies out there running.
Andrew, Carter and Josh also ran. They did the 1K. They had fun. It was a fun day all in all. Even though I spent the remainder of the day laying on the couch with ice on my knee. And guess what, I signed up for...the Provo City 1/2 marathon in May. I think I am insane! Peer Pressure again. My knee is still hurting, I think it is trying to tell me no more, just say no.
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The boys getting ready for the 6K
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Ready for the 3K
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I know I look ready to die!
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Not even winded!
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This kid cracks me up! He wanted to give us high fives!
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All of us minus Andrew. We don't know where he was!

My Baby is 4

Alex is now 4. I can't believe how fast time flies. I must admit though that I have been waiting for him to turn 4 in hopes that it would be an easier age. I love this little boy more than anything and his smile can light up a room but he can test me. He is strong willed and loves to do things on his own and in his own way. These are all traits that will help him in life but right now they test me to my limits on an almost daily basis. Yet, there are those moments when out of the blue he will come up to me and say, "Mama, I love you or Mama you're pretty." and that will just melt me. He has a smile to die for. With two dimples that you just want to squeeze. He loves Spiderman and there for a while he was Spiderman and would talk in the 3rd person. It was funny. He has a great imagination and loves to play outside and of course watch movies.
Alex you are a joy in our life. We love you so much and even on those days when I have reached my limit with you all you have to do is smile and laugh that infectious laugh and I can't stay upset. We waited and prayed and waited and prayed a long time for you you to join our family and we are truly blessed to have you be ours forever. Keep your mighty spirit and let it serve you well. I love you so much snackshack.
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Alex starts Preschool

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The long awaited day finally arrived. Alex was so excited he could hardly contain himself. We went out the day before and bought Spiderman shoes for him in hopes that he would wear them to school. Anyone who knows sweet Alex knows he does not like to wear socks because they hurt him. The seams bother him. It is a big thing with him and it drives me CRAZY!!! But I thought with Spiderman shoes he would be overjoyed and forget about the seams in the socks. Morning started out so great. he was excited and jumping around and had his backpack on and then came the dreaded words, "Alex go get your shoes and socks on." Well he lost it then and we spent the next 30 minutes listening to him cry. I tried to be patient, I tried to be kind, I tried stern. I tried it all and finally left to walk the other boys to the bus stop while he screamed on the driveway. I know I am a terrible mom. But I had had it. Then while I was waiting for the bus I thought why. Why am I fighting him on it. So I went home and told him to put his flip flops on, and the tears turned off and he was happy again. So if you see him with flip flops in the dead of winter don't judge me please, know that I have tried. He has sensitive skin and the little seams on the socks bother him so. Any suggestions would be welcome!By the way he absolutely loved preschool. Not one tear was shed. This from the kid who still doesn't go to Sunbeams without crying. He had so much fun and loved it. I also loved 2.5 hours all to myself. I think I am going to love this school year especially Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
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First place he headed as soon as we got there