Thursday, March 29, 2012

Christmas 2011

From 2012-01-04 Christmas

I love Christmas! So many wonderful things to be do and share with family during this time of year. Most importantly though is the gift our Savior! During the hustle and bustle of this holiday, we always try and remember to stop and take the time to teach the boys the true meaning of Christmas and not let them forget.
This Christmas we spent here at home and all of my family came up. I think we had visitors staying at our house for a solid 2 weeks! We loved it!! We were busy, busy! With the Brown's you there is always shopping and food involved so we did lots of that. We did go to Temple Square one night but it was so cold that we only lasted about 10 minutes.
Christmas morning started 6 am and of course all presents were opened by 6:20 and that was even with having to wait and take turns. The boys were so excited and just ripped through them. It was so fun to watch and see their excitement. I think that is what brings Eric and I the most joy, is just watching to see how excited they are. Lots of legos were purchased and since Church did not start until 11 we were able to spend all morning getting them put together. Andrew had 3 sets each with over 500 pieces and so he was busy. Josh got a playhouse and some legos as well and is becoming quite good at following the directions and putting them together himself. Alex got an Ipod and legos. He got the Ipod cause he needs the distraction and it is so wonderful. He loves the song Dynamite!

Grammie and Poppa freezing with some of the grandkids!!
From 2012-01-04 Christmas

Alex thinking really hard about what he wants!
From 2012-01-04 Christmas

Josh excited for whats in the bag
From 2012-01-04 Christmas

What's Christmas without christmas cookies!!
From 2012-01-04 Christmas

All the grandkids in their christmas jammies!
From 2012-01-04 Christmas

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